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5. Users and Roles

Many documentation projects require that authors who might be in different departments, working on different features or even based in different locations can collaborate on a single tome.


To ensure that multiple users don't interfere with what others are working on, tomehost employs a permissions system that will be familiar to computer programmers who use source control to allow multiple users to collaborate on software development.

5.1. Managing users

If you view 'My Tomes', each tome has a 'User Management' button. Clicking this brings up a page where you can invite new users, or edit/remove existing users. You can also resend invites to users who may not have received the first email for whatever reason.

Above: The user management page

5.2. User roles

There are several different user roles, each with a different set of permissions.

The role a user has can vary from tome to tome. For example, can be an administrator on one tome, an admin owner of another, and just a read-only user on another.

5.2.1. Administrator

Administrators have full permissions on the system. They can create/edit content, publish content and manage users. They can also unlock or publish content that is checked out to another user. Admin owner

Each tome has a single admin owner - the user who created it.


Admin owners have the same permissions as administrators.


The features and options available within a tome will derive from the package which the admin owner of the tome has with tomehost. For example, if the admin owner has an enterprise package, any tomes they own will have enterprise features available.

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