tomehost User Guide

1. Overview

tomehost is a SaaS ("software as a service") designed to simplify the process of creating and maintaining technical manuals, user guides and other structured documentation.


Within our system, we call these documents 'tomes'.


Unlike traditional content management systems, data in a tome is structured in sections, which can be nested to any number of levels, rather than pages.


But the real power of tomehost is the way it lets you get users from a problem to a solution in a single click.


For web-based control panels and interfaces, we provide a simple way to embed popup help to just the right section of your user documentation within the page where a user is working.


For physical products such as machinery, we provide a simple way to generate QR codes that will pull up the specific section of your user documentation on a mobile phone or tablet when you point a camera at them.


Unlike PDF or Word documents, tomehost is responsive, and will reformat to different sized screens. It is far easier to edit and publish small changes, and to let multiple authors work on different sections at the same time.

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