tomehost User Guide
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6.8. Search

The tomehost interface has a search box on the left hand side, just above the treeview. This searches in two ways.

6.8.1. Quick search

As you type, it will try to match with heading names and highlight matching ones (bold, italic and orange). However, this only matches visible headings; it won't look inside at nested headings that have not been expanded, or at the content within a heading section.

Above: The quick search

6.8.2. Full search

Click the search button to submit a search. This runs a full search against all headings, and should produce more comprehensive results. It searches both headings and the content immediately under them for the entered keywords.

Above: Full search with results appearing on the right hand pane

The search uses an 'AND' operator, and also searches content within a heading as well as the heading itself. So in this case above, the three sections contained the words 'user' and 'access' within either the heading and/or the content immediately under the heading.

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