tomehost User Guide

2. Introduction

2.1. Platform

tomehost is software which runs on the web. This means it can be used by anyone with access to a modern web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+). It's responsive, which means that the page layout will reformat on smaller screens like mobile phones or tablets, to make it easier to use.


SaaS requires no special hardware, software, infrastructure or IT expertise - all of these are handled by the platform subscription.

2.2. Advantages over conventional documentation

Most organizations still deploy documentation in paper versions, or electronic files like Word documents or PDFs.

tomehost has a number of advantages over these more traditional methods:

  • up-to-date - user always sees the latest published information unlike paper or PDFs and Word docs, where users can retain old versions and may be unaware of updates

  • simplicity - the system takes care of the numbering and formatting, so users can concentrate on the content

  • speed - small edits can be made and published in seconds

  • multi-user - teams can work simultaneously from multiple locations, with source-control style permissions stopping users from overwriting each others' work

  • process - a variety of user-roles allows more formal processes to be put in place for publication, with some authors able to create and edit content, but not publish. Editors can be appointed to proof-read, revise and publish content.

  • usability - direct web links to any heading at any level, layout reformats for optimum usage on mobile and tablet devices

  • embedding content - we provide a simple way to embed help popup windows within your own web applications that target the specific section or subsection you want, saving users valuable time as they can pull up the information they need with a single click and stay within your web application or panel

For organizations that already put documentation online using a CMS (content management system) or templating systems, tomehost provides other benefits:

  • granularity and structure - the ability to nest content several levels deep and easily reorganize sections as the documentation develops

  • fixed URLs - pages accessed via links which remain constant even when headings are moved or renamed

  • embed help content into web back end - we provide simple tools to let you integrate tomehost content directly into your web admin panels via resizable, non-modal popups

  • no special markup - no HTML or wiki type notation is required, anyone who can write an email or use a word processor can create tomehost content

2.3. Cost

At present, tomehost is free. In future, we will add additional features which will be available under paid plans too, but will always retain a free, entry-level service. We will also provide paid plans for free to verifiable open-source projects. Contact us for details.

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