4.3. Importing and exporting tomes as XML

tomehost can export and import tomes in an XML format called DocBook XML, which is designed for storing books. We chose this format as it is a documented standard and supports the data types we need, as well as section numbering.

The version we use is DocBook v5. For more information about the XML schema, see https://docbook.org.

Some DocBook XML files exported from third-party applications may not be recreated in their entirety within tomehost, depending on what features and types of sections they contain.

4.3.1. Exporting

There is an export button on each tome, when you view the list.

Above: The export tome button, highlighted inred

It is good practice to regularly save XML exports of your tomes as a backup. You can easily import them into a new tome if your original tome content was accidentally deleted or otherwise damaged.

4.3.2. Importing

tomehost has support for importing tomes in Docbook v5 format too. This is primarily intended for importing tomes exported from tomehost, rather than third party XML imports.

Not all DocBook v5 content features are incorporated, so you may find that third party file imports fail, or are missing some sections.


The import process will try to retrieve files such as images and downloadable files from the original tome. If these are no longer present, you may find content is missing from your new tome.

4.3.3. Cloning / duplicating a tome

There is no specific 'clone' feature, however this is simple to accomplish using the import/export features. Simply export a tome, and then reimport the file as a new tome.